Historical Costumes

by Reine des Centfeuilles


Historical Costumes
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Reine des Centfeuilles

Costume Rental

Are you making plans for an exhibition or a vernissage, revolving around history?

You own a historical site, would like to present it to the public and are looking for a way to bring it to life?

Or are you organising an event which needs a spectacular attraction?

Historical costumes are always an answer.

We offer the opportunity to select from a wide range of costumes for rental – complete garments ranging from medieval times up to the 18th and 19th century. Accessories from head to toe, for ladies and gentlemen. Contemporary originals and exclusive Reine des Centfeuilles reproductions in outstanding museum quality.
Our textiles have already been exhibited on well frequented shows and have enriched popular events.

It will be our pleasure to be of service and to send you the general terms and conditions of our costume rental, together with our catalogue.

Please note that we are not in the position to support projects in small private dimensions due to the high counter value of our reproductions and vintage textiles.