For almost fifteen years the brand Reine des Centfeuilles has been synonymous for outstanding quality in the field of the reproduction of historical clothing.

Reine des Centfeuilles is particularly renowned for its masterpieces inspired by the 18th century, which both experts and customers approve of.

During the last decades we have established an international network of exquisite suppliers, contacts to distinguished art collections and acquired a profound special knowledge. With this expertise we are able to revive textile treasures – artworks unprecedented for centuries, and even then reserved for royalty and nobility only.  

Mauritia Kirchner, founder of the company and still creative director of many processes, was the one who set new standards with an entirely unique product.

Ricarda Wienert-Oefelein is in charge of production. Ricarda, accomplished dressmaker, has studied Theatre Science at Leipzig University and Costume Design at Dresden University. With her multifaceted know-how and brilliant capability for realization, which she also adapted during her work at Frankfurt opera, she qualified for Reine des Cenfeuilles as competent and highly talented co-worker. Consequently, she was assigned Production Manager.