A selection of robes made ​​for Historical Weddings:

First row:
Reproduction of a bridal gown from 1878, the original is part of the collection of Reine des Centfeuilles and was made in the atelier Dover & Allen B.Lower Seymore Street, London,
manufactured by Ricarda Wienert-Oefelein
Second row:
Reproduction of the wedding dress of Hedwig Elizabeth Charlotte of Holstein-Gottorp, worn on her wedding day with the future King Charles XIII of Sweden on July 7, 1774,
manufactured ​​by Reine des Centfeuilles
Third row:
Designed for a bridal couple in the style of the 18th century,
manufactured ​​by Ricarda Wienert-Oefelein
Fourth row:
Belle Epoque wedding dress,
manufactured ​​by Reine des Centfeuilles